Plein Air “Jurisch se huisie” in Stilbay

What a beautiful morning in Stilbay, a perfect day for Plein Air painting! Everything is packed and I am ready to go to a small little gem, the home of Mr Jurisch known as “Jurisch se huisie”, next to the ocean close to Masterstok on your way from Stilbay to Jongensfontein.

I reached “Jursich se huisie” after about 30 minutes of hiking. We had the privilege of meeting Mr Jurisch’s son in April and he told as the story of his dad, the big mussel-cracker he caught there and the small little  fisherman’s house known as “Jurisch se huisie” that he built himself with sandbags!

Now to find the perfect setting for a painting with my “viewfinder”and setting up my plein air easel.

Coffee a perfect start to a perfect painting!The drawing is starting to take shape while applying monochromes. What a privilege to do what I love the most! In nature, experiencing God and His creation while the Hunchback whales play in the sea behind me!

The painting progresses!

Starting to add colors and capturing the moment.

Enjoying every moment with this painting!

More color matching!


Matching the landscape colors to ensure true colors as I experience it.

More colors! Matching the sand, rocks and different greens.

Almost finished with color matching, then it is back to my studio to finish the painting. I will post the final painting in time. What a blessed day!


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